Eating food should be an enjoyable experience but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact  that our bodies need the correct food to function properly.  Just like a car, our bodies need fuel to power it.  The kind of fuel you body requires is very much dependent on your lifestyle and goals.  What and when you eat can have a direct impact on your energy levels and not to mention your health.

We all know the importance of a good nutritionally balanced breakfast.  If you skip breakfast you are more likely to overeat at lunch and make poor choices throughout the day.  You will probably also face a mid afternoon slump and become tired or irritable.  It is also just as important to keep uour body fully hydrated to function well.

The key to maintaining good energy levels and keep the gray matter ticking properly is to fuel and hydrate your body consistently throughout the day and no, alcohol is not included in this necessary hydration process!

I would recommend eating three healthy balanced meals a day and two or three snacks which will fuel your body with the adequate energy necessary.  This will also really help to prevent overeating.  Add prepping your food into the mix and you and your metabolism are going to be firing on all cylinders and you are less likely to make poor food choices on the go.

If you are working out, the timing of meals and the type of meals you consume will be a contributing factor in helping you achieve the results you want and help to maintain blood glucose levels.  A car cannot work without fuel in it and our body is the same so it is vital to eat before you exercise.  If you are time limited, a banana would be a great pre workout snack.  It’s is equally important to fuel your body after a workout when you have depleted your body of fluids and carbs.

Follow some simple rules and you will keep your bodies energy levels in optimum condition.

Rethink how you see food and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your energy levels, performance and overall results.



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