You must have been in a coma or walking around with your headphones on if you haven’t heard all the buzz about protein and the benefits of consuming it to aid our health and fitness goals.  Whilst the bodybuilding world have reaped the benefits of a high protein diet, recently this way of eating is filtering down to the mainstream.


So what are the benefits and where can you get your protein from?  Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies and are responsible for making bones, skin, nails, hair and muscles.  Eating protein creates a process known as thermogenesis.  This process requires more energy to digest the food which in turn burns more calories.  It also prevents excess muscle loss which is vital during weight loss.

When you train your muscles you get micro tears in your muscles and simultaneously you break down muscle.  Eating lots of protein helps with the repair and recovery of our muscles – so it’s no wonder that eating lots of protein helps you build muscle faster.  A high protein diet helps you lose fat faster and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

When you think protein you think meat and poultry but you can also find it in fish, nuts and nut butters, chickpeas, tofu, Greek yoghurt, eggs, shellfish and chia seeds as well as broccoli.  Don’t forget wonderful whey and protein bars although make sure they are low carb versions and not loaded with sugar.

Over the coming weeks I will share some more of my high protein recipes, watch this space…



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