I recently posted an article on the benefits of protein in your diet.  As I mentioned in that post, proteins are the building blocks of our bodies.  They are particularly important for building muscle which is why we should incorporate protein in every meal. No, no, no!  That’s doesn’t mean steak for breakfast lunch and dinner.   You can get protein from many different sources, I list some of these in my last post on protein …good news is that protein suppresses the appetite because it makes you feel fuller and generally it’s a lot harder to overeat protein unlike their carb counterpart.

Protein has a thermogenic effect on the body.  Our bodies burn calories both during activity and whilst it digests food but it needs to work harder to break down protein which means burning more calories.

Here’s an interesting nugget of information, stay with me, get the greasy chicken nugget out of your head!  One gram of protein has  four calories as do carbs with fat having nine calories per gram.  20-35% of calories are burned by your body breaking down protein, 9-5% to break down fat and 5-15% to break down carbs.  Now that’s why we need to incorporate  protein into our diet

So protein is a winner winner chicken dinner in my eyes!



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