So we all went nuts for quinoa, buzzing for buckwheat, mad for millet but now it’s time to get into sorghum which is being hailed as the new “wonder grain.”  Originally from Africa, it’s gluten free, low GI and environmentally friendly.

It’s versatility means we can add it to desserts, to make rice free risotto or in salads and the great news is that it’s high in anti oxidants, in fact it’s anti oxidant values are said to be higher than blueberries.  It’s also much kinder to our digestive system.

The nutritional values of sorghum are huge with one cup packing a huge 22 gms of protein punch and  a huge amount of iron and niacin and thiamin which help our bodies metabolise and absorb carbs and nutrients.
It’s also said to inhibit cancers and currently a non GMO product and hopefully it stays that way…

I know I am heading down to my local Planet Organic to pick some up and will give it a whirl and report back with results and recipes.  Watch this space…


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