Food diary

I have talked a lot about food apps that track your calorie and nutrient consumption.   I swear by My Fitness Pal especially when I am preparing for a competition and my macro nutrient consumption needs to be spot on with no margin for errors. Now I am not saying you have to get obsessed with using one of these apps but what I can tell you is once you start using one you really become much more mindful of what you are eating and, more importantly the macro nutrients contained in your food choices.  The apps allow you to set your daily calorie and macro nutrient targets.

Bear in mind that the RDA for women is 2000 calories, I think you would be amazed at how little or how much you are ACTUALLY consuming.  There is a reason why people often don’t reach their targets and generally its because they really aren’t honest about what they eat and drink in one day.  That extra handful of nuts and free poured sugar or olive oil and three glasses of wine a night are all adding extra calories and fats to your daily allowance.

Be honest with yourself and you will see the results you are after.  So go on, install the app and start tracking….

My Fitness Pal, My Diet Diary, My Diet Coach, My Food Diary, My Plate and Fit Day are just some food log apps out there.

Happy tracking



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