So don’t be fast, easy or cheap

I am sure you have heard this in so many occasions but it really is the case.  Your weight, your hair and your skin are a reflection of what you are putting into your body.  A poor diet, ultimately will lead to poor health.  It’s pretty obvious when you look around you, to see who has a healthy diet and lifestyle and doesn’t.

Foods should contain a combination of nutrients.  Try and avoid high saturated fat, high sugar and high salt foods and anything containing “fake” ingredients.  As a general rule, if don’t recognise an ingredient, your body probably won’t recognise it either!

Look for foods which contain large amounts of anti oxidants like, artichokes, pecans, beans and prunes and berries.

Stay hydrated with water to maintain skin looking healthy and young.
My advice would always be to make everything yourself from scratch.  Processed foods will do you no favours with their high salt, sugar and fat content and list of ingredients we don’t recognise.



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