In my most humble opinion, I believe the biggest mistake made by us mere mortals is the inability to determine the correct portion size required for your meals and snacks.  This is more often the reason why we end up piling on the pounds.  This particularly seems to be true of women who, generally, end up eating the same size meals as their male partners, you know who you are…

If you are a healthy and active individual then aiming for 50% carbs, remember these need to be the right kinda carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat, which by the way doesn’t mean the French fries slathered in melted cheese kinda fat.  These are simple QuickStart guidelines which need some modifying dependent on your goals, your body type and your starting point.  If we are aiming for fat loss then a reduction in carbs and increase in protein would significantly accelerate your fat loss.

To maintain a healthy nutrition programme, your diet needs to be a balanced diet of moderately high carbs, moderately low fats and high protein.  Extremes in nutritional  programmes are not sustainable long term and can have a severe impact on both your health and metabolism.  They also tend to have you throwing in the towel after two weeks due to the nature of them, after all, nobody wants to feel deprived…

Do it the right way, work out your macro nutrient and caloric needs and learn an effective, long lasting, nutritionally balanced lifestyle.




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