The birth of the internet has created a very visually driven society.  The Internet and social media pages have put so much pressure on women to look and live in a certain, often unattainable fashion.  We are bombarded with images of perfection which, we all know have been airbrushed to death and are not a true reflection of real life, but somehow we still strive for this imperfect perfectionism.

It’s a slippery slope from here where you start comparing yourself to these images and feel frustrated when you feel you can’t compete with them.  You really should be your own competition and not compare yourself to those photoshopped images, but we are all human and can’t seem to help it.

An interesting observation for me, is that the tide seems to have turned and FINALLY men are being bombarded with the equivalent male versions of these images of perfection.  This hopefully will give them an insight and a better understanding of how women have been made to feel for so long by the media.  Feelings of insecurity and low self confidence prevail and wash over us uncontrollably.

Both men and women are being made to feel that they need to conform to these false ideals instead of focusing on progress rather than perfection.  We are “works in progress” and all come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

I think the biggest impact of this new phenomenon is having a really negative impact on both female and male teenagers and young children. It is clearly inducing feelings of low self worth and low self esteem.  Evidence has shown that the negative images that children are being bombarded with has lead to an increase in eating disorders in both boys and girls, some as young as 8 which is a really sad and scary thought.

The media industry won’t be making any changes to the type of content being put out publicy so its down to us to stop believing the hype and start believing in ourselves and teaching children self worth and stop using the media for validation…



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