I wouldn’t be without my fur baby Castro. He plays a huge part of my day to day life, going to the loo, getting dressed, taking a shower, writing, cooking guaranteed  he will be by my side, my little shadow.  The sound of his paws walking across my wooden floors fill my house and make it a home, all be it an often muddy home.

Whilst owning a dog is a huge responsibility it also has so many amazing benefits that make it very worthwhile.   The interaction and unconditional love you get from your dog releases Oxytocin, the feel good chemical that our brain produces.  They keep us positive and give us a sense of purpose and social interaction.

Recent surveys have shown that owning a dog can literally banish depression and lower stress levels.

There are also health benefits to walking your dog daily for 30 minutes, ch is the recommend amount of activity suggested by the government to stay healthy.  Owning a pooch can reduce cholesterol, lower heart and blood pressure and these effects also happen just from stroking your dog.

Now I’m not suggesting that I rush out and buy a four legged canine friend but maybe look at fostering a dog or maybe look at to get some of the benefits without the full responsibility.

Oh and if you need some Castro love, get in touch, he has enough for everyone …



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