For many of us, our days are spent sitting down at desks or sofas and armchairs not standing up or walking very much. As a nation we have become less and less active which is causing all sorts of problems and really is the curse of modern life.

Sitting on our tushes all day is making our glutes fall asleep.  Our glutes are our bodies stabilisers and support our body in some of the most basic movements like walking, climbing stairs, bending to pick things up or riding a bike.

If your glutes are strong you are less likely to suffer from lower back pain as well as hip and knee pain and more likely to have great posture and a great looking derrière.  That said, the glutes are very difficult to train.  The glutes are made up of three muscles, the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus and is actually one of the largest muscles of the body which explains why it needs so much work.

We really need to incorporate some daily glute activation exercises to keep our bodies strong and functioning beautifully and say wakey wakey booty let’s get you working!

I will post some simple home glute activation exercises on my website for you to follow and incorporate into your day, you and your booty will thank me for it!

Have a peachy day 💋



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