Feeling depressed?  Take anti depressants.  High cholesterol take tablets, high blood pressure, take tablets.  Overweight take drugs.  Type 2 diabetes? Take tablets more often than not, like my father, then progress to insulin injections due to poor advice and lack of upport on changing nutrtion for a healthier lifestyle.

Why?  Yes I understand the NHS are overstretched and lacking funds but take the time to really educate people with some hard hitting facts and useful nutritional facts and long term solotions, surely the NHS would be saving millions of pounds…

Exercise releases endorphins, natures natural anti depressant and mood elevator.  Endorphins give a positive feeling in the body similar to the feeling from morphine.  Exercise reduces stress, anxiety and depression.  It aids to regulate sleep patterns and gives your confidence and self esteem a massive boost.

There are so many other benefits to moving our butts including, lower blood pressure, reduction in body fat, stronger bones and increased bone density.  Your energy levels go up and your heart will become stronger.

Serotonin, also known as the “feel good chemical”, is also released by the brain both during and after exercise and all it takes is just 30 minutes activity a day.  Serotonin also affects our moods and appetite.

Change of diet and helping to put a healthy nutrition plan in place can help reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes.  Whilst I appreciate that pills offer a quick fix, the last thing you want is to get hooked or totally reliant on these so called “wonder” drugs.

On a visit to my GP a few years ago, a very rare occurrence for me, I was complaining of low energy levels and a bit of a foggy head – his response was “these are symptoms of perimenopause”. He then offered me anti depressants!  I consider myself a relatively happy person with a very positive disposition and have never thought of myself as “depressed.”  I kindly declined my GP’s offer and did a little research myself.  I completely changed my nutrition and activity levels, taking to running 5km a day and reaped the benefits both mentally and physically.

We need to urge the medical profession to offer natural therapies and solutions rather than chemical ones that cost the system a small ongoing fortune and lead to dependancy and further health issues.

Exercise and the correct nutrition provide huge mental and physical health benefits but sadly in a time poor society, it seems that writing a prescription is far easier than offering long term healthy solutions!



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