For me positive mental attitude is everything.  It’s the key to a happy life and what drives me to reach any goal I set myself.

Whilst life can throw all sorts of crap and obstacles at us, your attitude is what will determine how you deal with obstacles and how you overcome them.

A contributory factor in keeping a PMA is to surround yourself with like minded people on a similar journey.  Remember the old adage “misery likes company” this is so true.  People often project their problems, insecurities or unhappiness on others.  Whilst we all need to try and be as empathetic and kind towards others as  possible, if people are a constant drain on your emotions and zapping you of all your energy, maybe you should have a rethink about who is in your circle.

I refer to these kinds of people as “emotional vampires.”  They suck you dry of any good vibes whilst trying to project their negative vibes on to you.  Toxic energy is such a drain and if you are anything like me, it will make you feel, anxious and unbalanced and ultimately negative.

So, look at your circle, remove any toxic energies from your life and see your life flourish.  Quality over quantity is an important factor.

We all need to laugh and smile more.  Life is so short, be with those that make you laugh out loud, the ones that make you smile when you think of them, the ones whose energy is so powerful they become your super chargers.

Personally I am heading off to buy myself a herd of unicorns to help me spread love, light and positive energy …



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