So what is the acceptable and healthy body fat percentage?

This varies considerably in women and men. For women it is considered 25-31% and for men it’s 18-24% as “healthy.”  For men over 25% and women over 32% body fat, they would be considered as obese and they really should be looking at their lifestyles to avoid serious illness and disease.

There is a slight disparage with these “acceptable” numbers because as we age, we naturally gain more body fat due to lifestyle, hormones and slowing metabolism as well as other external factors.  Take a peek at the chart below.


There are three types of body fat, one of which I spoke about in a recent blog, which is visceral fat which is by far the one we need to monitor and reduce.  This can be done by taking regular exercise and changing your diet, all simple changes to implement.

The bottom line is, we need to be more aware of body fat than scale numbers.



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