This is sooo true!  As a nation, we are not so good at taking compliments or at dishing them out.

We need to learn magnify people’s strengths.  Tell someone how beautiful they are, how funny they are, how you love the dress they are wearing, not in a creepy “Single White Female” kinda of way but in a “make you feel wonderful” kinda way.  Who knows, maybe nobody has ever told them how amazing, beautiful or kind they are, then think how fabulous you will make them feel.

Spreading positivity has a ripple effect.  I guarantee you, if you make someone feel great, even in a teeny weeny little way, firstly YOU will feel great and secondly, you will have made someone’s day.

Try and be kind at all times.  I love talking to old people in supermarkets or at bus stops, even if it’s just so say hello.  Castro is usually an ice breaker so I don’t weird them out, but it may just be the first bit of engagement they have had that day or even that week.

We live in a fast paced soceity where people don’t have time for people, this is especially the case in London, so make time and make a difference.



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