One of the biggest mistakes we make is getting our portion sizes wrong when we are consuming food.   Let’s be honest ladies, when you plate up your meals how many of you eat the same size portion as your male partners???  Now look at the size of him and look at yourself, do you really need the same amount of food?  I don’t think so…

Getting your food portions right, will help you achieve your goals.   Overeating causes irregularity in your blood sugar levels which is why I am a big advocate of little and often.

Eating out can sabotage your goals.  You aren’t in control of what goes on the plate when eating out, but you can control what goes in your month.  We need to get out of the habit of “finishing” all the food on your plate, something that we have ingrained in us, generally as a result of our parents.  Learn to listen to your body, it will tell you when you are full and try choosing food that is satiating.  Another top tip is not to go to restaurants hungry, this will definitely be a contributory factor to overeating.

When buying food, read your food labels.  Sometimes labels can be misleading and make you think that a portion size is a whole packet when in fact, if you delve deeper you may be surprised to find that the nutritional information is per portion, not per pack.

Research has also shown that serving your meals on smaller plates can trick your mind into thinking the plate is full so you will eat less.


Salads are a great way of getting large portions of healthy food in you, after all, there is only so much salad you can eat.

AVOID the new phenomenon of supersize meals which will supersize you.  Be mindful at mealtimes and as I have mentioned on so many occasions, log your food consumption.


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