What’s important to me may not be important to someone else, it really is a matter of priorities.

For me being fit, healthy and flexible is a key component in my happiness.  Being able to impart some of my enthusiasm for a healthy life is also a priority for me.  Sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm gives me purpose and seeing people benefit from this really does give me a natural high.

So when I hear people telling me they don’t have time to exercise or to eat healthy food I don’t judge, I just see that their priorities are different to mine and whilst my life choices may appear “boring” to some, for me, it’s a life choice.

Life is a journey and we all reach our destinations at different times and this is what makes life so interesting, challenging, colourful and exciting.

My life hasn’t always been this way but today and for the foreseeable future I make my health and mental and physical wellbeing an absolute priority in my life.



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