Society and the media are trying to tell us what the “perfect body” should be.  Don’t let them dictate to us.

We come in all shapes and sizes and from different ethnic backgrounds with our pre wired genetics, which cannot really be altered.  They can however be tweaked by waking up some of the dormant genes.

All that said, we MUST stop trying to conform to the image of what “perfect” is, after all everyone’s perception differs.  We often find what one culture finds attractive or perfect, another would see as unattractive.

Be happy with who you are and work with what you have been given to be the best that you can be.  It’s far more important to be happy with yourself than to be able to squeeze into a size 8 dress or to be able to wear a bikini, being happy and confident means you can wear a bikini anytime!  You could be a size 8 and still not feel confident or happy with yourself and this is the issue that you need to tackle.

Confidence shines through every ounce of ones being and is the most attractive trait in any human being, regardless of their height, weight, hair colour or ethnicity.
Be your own “perfect” embrace your curves, your skinny legs, your stretch marks, your cellulite and to hell with what society tells you.  Be happy and be healthy and everything else will suddenly, as if by magic, fall into place.


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