Travel more, spend more time with people that make you smile and bring happiness and joy to your life. Laugh more, love more. Buy those shoes, to hell with it, buy two pairs if it makes you happy.

Society and conditioning often force us into the trap of doing what we are “meant” do instead of what we want to do. There really is no predetermined way to live our lives. The key to a grounded, balanced, happy, fulfilled life is to stop worrying and start living. Stop worrying about what people think of you.

People can often be judgemental, creating self doubt in us but often it’s their fears and insecurities being projected onto you. So STOP worrying and do what you makes you happy and what you want to do without harming anyone in the process.

Once you adopt a carefree attitude, a sense of happiness and freedom will follow which ultimately is what we all want, right?…


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