All of these things can be attributed to weight gain but treated correctly, they need not be a burden or a time to give up on yourself or on life.  Life isn’t over when you hit middle age or when menopause is knocking on your door.  This should be a time to reflect on all that you have achieved in your life.  Take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly and see all your experiences as monumental in creating the person you are today.

Whilst you may reminisce about being young again, remember how foolish you were back then and all the major c@*k ups you made.  Think how all your life experiences have shaped you into the interesting, unique, individual you are.

Weight gain during mid life, often referred to as “the middle aged spread” and menopause weight gain is generally due to slow metabolism which can be rectified by making a few changes in your life.  Change how and what you eat and add some movement into your day and you can combat all that these hormonal changes throws at you.

It makes me sad to hear middle aged women refer to themselves as “invisible” in society or saying they have given up on looking good.

I want to spread my enthusiasm for mid life and a happy, healthy, balanced life and show you that everyone deserves to feel AMAZING at any age…


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