There are three body types to be considered when we are looking at suitable diets and programs.  Let’s talk a little about them and see if we can shed some light on where you fit in.

1.  Mesomorph – of all the body types, this is probably the best type to have?  Why?  I hear you ask.  Well these lucky blighters are the ones that get results from any nutritional plan and grow muscle really quickly and lose fat just as quickly because they are genetically gifted ggggrrrr!  They are blessed with wide shoulders and are natural born athletes.

2. Ectomorph – if you have this body type you generally don’t have too much body fat and have some lean muscle with narrow shoulders but tend to struggle gaining size due to a fast metabolism.  Some would say you are “skinny”

3. Endomorph – unfortunately if you fall into this category, you have your work cut out.  You haven’t been genetically gifted like your mesomorph friends.  You tend to be thicker and have a heavier appearance even when you are lean and tend to have shorter limbs and a heavier frame.  You find it difficult to lose weight and easier than mesomorphs and ectomorphs to gain weight, so you really have to work hard on making the right nutritional choices.

With the correct nutritional advice and exercise programs, you can achieve significant changes to your overall appearance, sadly some may have to put in the overtime whilst others will simply take it in their stride…


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