BOGOF – Buy one get one free, 25% less sugar, low fat, health food, diet this diet that and we believe everything they say!  So are the food companies producing these products to blame for the misleading consumer marketing or are the supermarkets to blame for stocking this stuff on their shelves?

Personally I blame the supermarkets, after all without an avenue and indeed a shelf space to sell these goods, these manufacturers would have a pretty hard time getting their products to the masses.

How ironic that supermarkets have a “health food” section these days.  What does that mean?  The rest of the produce they sell is the “unhealthy food” section???
Maybe there should be a”chemical s**t bomb” section or a “high sugar”section.  How about a “high fat” section?  At least we could make our minds up rather than having our minds made up for us based on the way the aisles are marketed.

Whilst the government are trying to do their bit by ensuring we now have clear and informative food labelling, they even have a Food Smart app which shows the salt, sugar and fat content in foods, the supermarkets still have a certain responsibility to consumers.

The whole “buy one get one free” promotions encourage consumers to impulsively buy more.  If it’s the fresh produce, it will normally go to waste.  There are often deals on high sugar, high fat and over processed foods which we really should be avoiding and NOT being encouraged to buy more of.

So, stick to your shopping lists, plan your meals and most importantly, read the labels and know what you are buying…

BOG OFF supermarkets and all your lies and deception!




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