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Dear MAILOnline

I read your piece on “over fifties bikini bragging” and felt it to be extremely negative.  These women have taken positive steps to take care of themselves.  No doubt this isn’t just because of the business they are in but more importantly for their health and well being.


“I never eat processed, frozen, microwaved or low-fat foods”.

“Most of the time, I eat organic food and cook it fresh every day. I eat mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts and some good-quality fish and meats”.

“I do a little bit of exercise everyday. I’ve practiced yoga for more than 30 years and I’ll spend between 30 minutes and an hour doing it each day.”

Yasmina Rossi (age 60+)

They look incredible and should be seen as role models who inspire other women who often feel like they are invisible when they go through menopause.  They send the message that being fifty doesn’t mean life is over and that you have lost your right to look and feel beautiful, attractive and sexy.  Being fifty shouldn’t mean giving up on yourself, it should allow you to stand proud for all that you have achieved and accomplished in your life.  It should be a time of celebration, a rite of passage and a time to embrace life.

Looking good at any age isn’t easy, it takes hard work, discipline and dedication.  These women will have lived this way most of their life, it’s a way of life, not a chore.  I am sure Liz Hurley didn’t suggest she goes to bed hungry, rather a journalist decided that’s what is required to look a certain way…

We should praise these women and all women who chose to NOT become invisible when they are nearing fifty or hit their fifties and beyond.


The 80 year old bodybuilder who started working out at age 56.

“If your doctor says yes then start with a walking programme because it is very good for you. Don’t try to do 10 miles when you first start, take it slowly. Then go to a gym, start lifting light weights and have someone around who know about fitness who can guide you along safely so you don’t get injured.”

Ernestine Shepherd  – 80 years young.

My message to Julia Lawrence, the author of this article – it’s about time women stood united and support one another instead of chastising anyone that has chosen to be strong and confident in their fifties and beyond.

The media are responsible for leading women to believe they should look and behave a certain way at a certain age.  These women bust those myths and I salute them!

Beauty comes in all ages, shapes and sizes!


Lina Leaner


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