Delicious not Deprived…

The truth is no amount of exercise will give you the results you desire unless your nutrition is on point.  The problem is, mention diet to clients and the preconceived notion is that HUGE sacrifices in taste, choice and portion size will be compromised. Not the case if you do things the right way.

With a tasty, healthy nutrition plan and the right exercise choices and your hard work and determination, you will accomplish your goals and maintain them for LIFE.
Firstly, knowledge is key, secondly a willingness to change and thirdly your discipline and determination to succeed.  Fully armed with these three  important tools and you are on your way …

Your nutrition plan needs to be varied, tasty, inexpensive and quick to prepare.  It shouldn’t mean boiled chicken, rice and broccoli for every meal which would be completely unsustainable long term.

Health and fitness needs to be viewed as a lifelong journey not a life of  restrictions.  Healthy food does NOT have to be bland, boring or tasteless, you just need to learn to be more creative and more importantly find healthy alternatives to some of your  favourite dishes.

I want to share my enthusiasm and philosophy with you and help you discover healthy, good for you dishes and make health and fitness part of your life.

So what are you waiting for?




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