You must have had your head buried if you haven’t yet understood the dangers of a high salt diet.

All the information you need to know about Government guidelines (GDA) are readily available on line and from the British Heart Foundation leaflets at your GP centre.  Adults should try not to consume over 6 gms of salt a day but research has shown that most adults in the UK are consuming a whopping 8 gms a daily.

The risks of consuming too much salt have been well reported.  If children eat too much they run the risk of high blood pressure which may continue to adult life.  The risk of heart attack and stroke are greatly increased if you are over the GDA.

Whilst cutting back SHOULD be an easy task, unfortunately salt is hidden in so many foods and beverages you wouldn’t even think of!  I know I talk about this so often, but it really is important to learn to read food and drink labels and understand what you and your family are consuming.

The Government have introduced a traffic light system on labels but in my opinion, this is not consistent, just look at the recent story in the British press that showed a sachet of Galaxy Ultimate had sixteen times more salt than the GDA and was as salty as sea water but guess what?  No traffic light label on this SHOCKING!!!

As a nation, we are so used to adding salt to our plate of food before we even taste it.  Try adding herbs and spices instead of salt to flavour your food.  Food should taste AMAZING not of salt…



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