The dreaded “C” word, so may of us are all too familiar with.  It affects around 85% of women and 10% of men at some stage in their life.

Yes, yes it is unfair that us females get the bum deal here (no pun intended) but there is a reason for this and that’s because our connective tissue, collagen,  is different to that of our male counterparts.  Hormones, namely oestrogen also has a large part to play in its appearance in areas where we tend to hold more fat like the booty, thighs and knees.  It often has an orange peel like appearance and unfortunately is quite stubborn and difficult to get rid of especially as we age and our skin loses some of its elasticity (the joy of getting older!!!).

But don’t despair, have hope and faith.  Diet and exercise can make a huge difference in its appearance but may not eliminate it completely.  Building muscle in the areas where cellulite is visible will improve the way your cellulite looks.  Try to avoid high salt, high fat, high sugar and processed foods which will also cause water retention making the appearance of your skin worse.  Alcohol and tobacco are also said to make cellulite worse.

When we think cellulite, we think overweight, unfit individuals but this isn’t true.  You can see cellulite on skinny women and none on heavier women, this is because genetics also has a part to play in how it’s dished out.

I would suggest investing in a body brush and get into the habit of dry brushing your skin to improve circulation in the areas where cellulite appears.  Keep your skin moisturised and treat yourself to massages.

Just take comfort in knowing that so many of us have it, you are not alone…



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