Real food that I can chew wins hands down for me and maybe once I help you understand how to read food labels and basic nutrition, you may be with me on this…

I have talked about preparation a lot on here and food apps and you may understand why I harp on about this when you read on…

The media are bombarding us with new fad diets and diet products as well as diet books, diet plans and celebrity workout videos. So I wanted to talk about macro nutrients which is a reference to a type of food, protein, carbohydrate or fat.  You have probably heard the phrase “macro tracking” and if you haven’t, where have you been???..  So when you look at a food label, by law, the label needs to have a breakdown of ingredients.  Here’s something you may not know, when reading a label, ingredients are listed in descending order of predominance which means the heaviest ingredient is listed first.  So if you are buying, for arguments sake, a jar of pesto and the Parmesan is way down on the bottom of the list, there ain’t no cheese in that there jar!

The reason for this explanation is I want to demonstrate a quick experiment having seen an advert for a diet liquid meal replacement product yesterday so here goes…

A fairly new product to the market place is Yokebe.  Looking on their website at nutrition on the product, this is what I got and try and stay with me…

Per serving –
Kcal – 273
Carbs – 24.3 gms
Of which sugars – 16.8 gms
Protein – 32.1 gms

I love my food and I am sure you do to.  So here is my suggestion, how about you swap the liquid drink for oats and whey? Porridge or muffins, like the ones posted on my You Tube?   Or you can opt for sweet potato, fish and veg.  Let’s have a look at the macros…

Per serving – FYI that’s four muffins!!!
Kcal – 262
Carbs – 31 gms
Of which sugars – 0
Protein – 22 gms

Roasted 120 gms  sweet potato, 150 gms steamed/ baked white fish and 85 gms broccoli
Kcal – 292
Carbs – 29 gms
Of which sugars – 9 gms
Protein – 44 gms

Now I am not singling out this brand as there are lots of others out there, but I wanted to show you how a “healthy” option isn’t always what it seems.  More than half of the carbs in the drink comes from sugar, need any more convincing?   Ditch the drinks, go on download a food log app and start logging what you eat…



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