Your alcohol consumption may be sabotaging your fitness goals not to mention your sleep and food choices.  Calories coming from alcohol are made up of  what is commonly referred to as “empty calories” which means they hold no nutritional value at all other than serving as a sedative!  High in sugar/carbohydrates drinking alcohol will more than likely be the reason you aren’t hitting your targets.

Alcohol contains seven calories per gram which is twice as much as carbohydrates and protein which have 4 calories per gram and 2 grams less than fat which has 9 calories per gram.

Alcohol slows down metabolism and increases your appetite which is not what we want.  Consuming excessive alcohol impairs your induced food cravings and often have you begging for a late night kebab or curry!!!  Hangovers are a distant memory for me but what I can recall is that awful foggy, negative feeling that consumed my entire being.

When consumed, your body will utilise alcohol as fuel as it doesn’t store it as glycogen.  Glycogen is your energy store, which essentially means that alcohol and its empty calories will not be used as energy.

I am not going to preach to you and tell you alcohol is bad and should be avoided at all costs, however, as with anything, moderation is paramount as well as looking at your choices of tipple.  Go for lower calorie, lower sugar options and try not to overindulge or binge drink.

Wine contains less carbs than beer or lager and whilst spirits are also a better choice, when adding sugary mixers or adding them to cocktails you are adding unnecessary extra carbs and calories to your daily caloric intake.

Keep living, don’t give up your life or become a hermit, just be more mindful of your choices and if you feel like your drinking may getting out of control, ask yourself why you may be drinking  too much, perhaps find another positive focus to channel you and maybe speak to a professional about your concerns.

I guess the real question is, how badly do you want to reach your goals?…



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