Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to getting rid of your party pack and gaining a six pack.  Toned strong abs don’t come from hours crunching , planking or doing endless sit ups.

Abs will however, reveal themselves when you follow a few simple rules.  Cut out the c**p in your diet, burgers, chips, cheese, vino, beer, processed food and high fat or high sugar foods.  The bottom line is your abs will say “hello” when you say “bye bye” to the fat covering them up like a duvet.  Basically the lower your body fat the more prominent your abs will be.

Add some cardio into your gym sessions.  Cardio will really help you reduce your body fat.  H20 and plenty of it will make a huge difference as will getting plenty of sleep.  Cortisol is the bodies stress hormone and is a sign of adrenal fatigue.  When levels are too high, you will hold weight around your middle.

I think that by now, you may see a pattern forming in my blogs – NUTRITION is the key 70/30 rule.  You are what you eat and abs really are made in the kitchen.


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