The great supermarket con!

Price crunch, buy one get one free.  Simply a ploy to encourage us to impulse buy more than we need.

Have you ever stopped and noticed that these deals are never on quinoa, brown rice, salad bags or anything remotely healthy!  You won’t see these deals in daily essentials like toilet rolls, feminine hygiene products or vitamins.  Instead, buy one box of sugar frosted  s**t and get one free, buy one frozen pizza get a second free.  Buy frozen chips or jumbo bags of crisps or packets of biscuits and guess what, you’ll get one free.  And the result? All this is leading to rising obesity levels and other serious health risks in adults and children.

Don’t be sucked in by the lure of “free” stuff and think more about what YOU want not what the marketeers try and force feed you and your family with.
One body, one life take good care of it…



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