Coffee brewed, check, dog fed, check, I’m fed, check.  Sunday has got me feeling in an easy breezy kinda mood.

Rest day from the gym today and time to walk the mutt and then a catch up with friends for lunch.  Life just doesn’t get any better.

Walking Castro is a daily highlight for me come rain or shine.  Being outdoors in the fresh air, all be it city air, catching up with fellow dog walkers.  Castro is like the troublesome naughty, and often embarrassing, child but that’s what makes him unique and he has become a bit of a talking point…

So this year I decided to stay in the UK for Christmas and New Year instead of sunning myself on a beach, Thailand more often than not being my usual destination of choice.  Can I just take a moment to say thank you to the weather Gods for, so far, keeping the weather relatively mild – it has truly made my December and January here a little more bearable…



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