Sometimes losing weight isn’t just as simple as cutting down your calories and being more active, we may have to look deeper to understand the roller coaster ride that cause you to overeat and self sabotage your goals.

Whilst preparing meals and making the right healthy choices is the way forward if you have a poor relationship with food and don’t understand the basics of nutrition, you are doomed to a life on that roller coaster and unfortunately unlike the rides at the fairground, this roller coaster can lead to a life of misery and self loathing leading into a loss of confidence and self esteem.

There are various types of over eaters, compulsive over eaters who can’t stop thinking about food, impulsive over eaters who may not be quite as obsessed about food but tend to grab it when they see it.  Then we have the impulsive-compulsive over eaters who do both of the above.  Then we have the anxious over eaters who use food as a coping mechanism in times of stress and anxiety. Finally there are the sad over eaters who use food when they are feeling low or depressed.

Dr Amen MD attributes a lack of certain brain chemicals for the various types of over eaters.  Compulsive tend to be low in seratonin, impulsive may be low in dopamine, impulsive-compulsive may be low in both.  The anxious over eater may have a problem with their GABA receptors, whilst the sad over eater may be lonely or depressed.

Identify the kind of over eater you are and what triggers the overeating and self sabotage and start working on changing your brain.  I really do believe mindset is key to success in all areas of our lives.

OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS provides insight into our problems of eating compulsively, strength to deal with it, and a very real hope that there is a solution for us.

Find your local meeting today…


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