When embarking on a fitness journey it’s really important to establish your goals.  For some this will mean losing weight, for some it’s maintenance and for others, like me, the goal is looking to build muscle.

Once your goals have been determined, it’s time to look at your nutrition, the key to reaching goals and getting results.

A plan designed with the correct protein to carb to fat ratio will help you achieve your individual goals.  A hi protein lower carb diet with a 2.1 ratio will help you burn fat, whilst a balanced diet of carbs to protein ratio of 1.1 is perfect for maintenance.  During a muscle building phase, the protein to carbs ratio of 1.2 is a good benchmark. In all instances the fat intake will be low with an emphasis on healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats.

Although this sounds quite simple, it’s really important you understand your food groups before you start your journey.  If you adopt this way of eating “dieting” will become a lifestyle not a chore.

Ultimately, consistency is the key to long term success?  It  may take some trial and error before you nail it but rest assured, when you do, life will become so much easier.



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