Making the decision to get fit is an easy one if you really want it.  The decision means you have prioritised health and fitness in your life.  Once you have made the decision it can be hard to know where to start and for many it’s easier to make excuses to talk yourself out of making the shift.  “I’m too old”  “I am overweight”  “I am unfit” “I am too busy” what you really mean is I an not really ready for the change.

Well we all have to start somewhere, after all if you are unfit or overweight how are you ever going to change that if you don’t commit to get fit?  Unfortunately I can’t help you with “too old” I believe age is not just a number but a frame of mind and with the right help, support, dedication and most importantly MINDSET, anything is possible.

Commit to fit and you will reap the health and mind benefits and thank yourself in the long run.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your lycra and your sweat on, together we’ve got this.


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