Mention cardio to most people and endless minutes spent on a treadmill or cross trainer spring to mind.  You set your self a time target of minutes then if you are anything like me, you need to break that down to five minutes to get you through the mind numbing pain of doing the same repetitive thing day in day out.

Cardio is an essential for maintaining a healthy heart and lungs.  So why not try and think outside box, get imaginative and creative and switch up your cardio to something more enjoyable, one that doesn’t have you checking your timer praying for the end.

During my lean down to stage phase I kept my body guessing and my mind interested by changing my cardio and throwing some fun and sessions into my day. My absolute favourites were my circuit sessions which were HIIT with a variety of exercises for a duration of twenty or forty seconds with the same rest in between.  I also added a minute rope skipping in between each set.  Try this for twenty minutes and you will work up such a sweat.  WARNING you may also develop a love hate relationship with these sessions.

Kettle bell sessions are also a fab way to get your heart rate up and work up a sweat.I have the good fortune of living on the highest point of London, so hill sprints at Alexandra Palace feature heavily in my cardio sessions and sessions with my clients.

I will post some of my circuits on my You Tube in the next couple of weeks. You can already see a mini fast and furious clip on my blog now.

The bottom line is, we need to keep our bodies guessing, mixing things up all the time to avoid plateaus and boredom.


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